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The Effective Prayer will change your life.  Use the prayer upon rising and before going to bed for 15 minutes each time.

You are encouraged to use this prayer within the structure of your own beliefs, to promote peace and unity among all people.

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In doing the seven steps of Effective Prayer, it should be remembered, when we say “I release …” or “I radiate …” that this “I” is the “I” of the Divine within us. It is not so much something that we are doing but rather something that we are allowing the Divine to manifest and do through us. This “I” is what Jesus spoke of when he said “I of myself can do nothing.  It is the Father within that doeth the works”.  This “I” then is sacred and holy – the Father within.  It is something that we open up to.  Realize and allow this “I”, the Divinity within you, to say “I release …” and “I radiate …” and your prayers will no longer be a thing of mental effort or striving; rather will they be an expression of spiritual being – Joy and Peace and effortless effort. You may be interested in reading the book: Mastering the Self. It may be helpful in your spiritual practice.

The Effective Prayer

  1. I release all of my past, negatives, fears, human relationships, self-image, future, human desires, and judgments to the Light.
  2. I am a Being of Light.
  3. I radiate the Light from my Light Center throughout my being.
  4. I radiate the Light from my Light Center to everyone.
  5. I radiate the Light from my Light Center to everything.
  6. I am in a bubble of Light and only the Light can come to me and only the Light can be here.
  7. Thank you, God, for everyone, for everything, and for me.

Step one is the longest of the steps. It is best to unwind each aspect or condition that is being released or changed to Light so that each is separately stated. For example: “I release my past to the Light”. “I release my negatives- hurt… to the Light.” “I release my fear of poverty to Light.” As you state what you are releasing imagine yourself releasing or changing that condition to Light.

The Seven Steps of Effective Prayer Explained

In the beginning God said, “Let there be Light.” This biblical phrase addresses the energetic birth of all Creation. Light symbolizes the Power of the Divine-in-Action. The electromagnetic spectrum, of which light rays are a part, consists of waves of energy emanating throughout the universe.  It has been shown that everything in nature radiates waves of energy, for example, as seen in Kirlian photography.  The frequencies of these waves vary and manifest in different ways.  Using our senses, we can perceive visible light waves through our eyes, sound waves through our ears, etc.  We harness the energy of Divine Light when we pray.  We open our sixth sense, centered in our third eye (pituitary), and our hearts, absorbing the wave of Divine Light and Love, then letting it shine through our eyes into the world.  In Step one of the Effective Prayer, when we release any blocks or challenges to Light, we are releasing these challenges to the power of the Creator within us.

Throughout most of history, humans have used prayer to try to alter themselves and their world. Generally, prayer has been used only when things go wrong; it’s been a cry for help in emergencies. What we truly wish to know is how to live to the best of our capabilities. The Seven Steps of Effective Prayer are one way to do this, and you will prove to yourself that this way to pray is indeed effective. Spend just fifteen minutes in the morning, and fifteen minutes before you go to sleep. Since you are working with Light – creating with the Light of the Creator – you will be gratified by the changes within yourself, in others, and in the world. As you are initially learning to use the effective prayer format it is recommended that you pray not just for yourself, but also for someone or something outside of yourself because it is easier to gauge change in something external to oneself. Once you see that your prayers are effecting change in something or someone other than yourself you will prove to yourself that this prayer format is indeed effective.

The First Step:

There are twelve common problems or blocks that each of us likely has that need to be changed in order for us to be effective. This is the longest step in the Seven Steps of Effective Prayer because we need to release or change anything that is blocking us from achieving Oneness with All That Is. So, as we recite the block we are releasing to Light, it is important to visualize that block dissolving into Light. The first problem is our past. We spend a lot of time and energy thinking about what has happened in the past – someone has hurt us, or we have hurt someone, or something happened to us that we just cannot forget. We go over and over these things in our minds, but we can’t change a single moment. Instead of concentrating our energy in the now where we live, we are wasting it. Therefore, simply say, “I release all my past to the Light.” Visualize your past being released. This will begin to free you to live and create in the now.

A second common problem is negative thinking and negative emotions (which come from what we think).  These include anger, jealousy, anxiety, doubts, worries, hate, loneliness, and despair. We now know that negativity has the power to affect not just our own physical body, but also plants, animals, other humans and everything that exists, including the earth itself. So, make the statement, “I release all of my negatives to the Light.” It is helpful to specify any negative you consider a real block, and again, visualize it dissolving into Light. (i.e.,” I release my doubt about getting a job to Light.”)

A third common problem is fear. Fear is a negative, but it is so important and so universal that you need to deal with it separately. There are more than a thousand fears or phobias that researchers have identified. There is the fear of snakes, of flying or driving, of feeling foolish, of being rejected, of pain, of the dark, of dying. The list goes on and on, and none of us is totally free. Light cannot manifest where there is fear. So, “I release all of my fears to the Light.” Once again, in addition to releasing your fears in general, specify any specific fear you are releasing and visualize it changing to Light.

The fourth common problem is human relationships, and it’s such a major problem, because we judge. Most especially, we judge our loved ones – parents, husband or wife, children, and siblings. We always want to change them; we say it’s because we love them and want the best for them. But if we loved them Divinely, we could not judge because we would see them as the Light beings they are. Therefore, “I release all my human relationships to the Light.” Again, it helps to be specific. Add to that statement, “I release Mary to the Light. I release Joe to the Light.” Use the name of anyone you feel motivated to release, even the names of your mother and father. Over time you will find all your relationships improving because you will be able to love those with whom you are in relationship without trying to change them.

The fifth common problem is your opinion of yourself – your inner self. We all go through life being compared to others. So much of what we do is in competition with someone else. We try so hard to be better than the next person so that we can be worthy of love, and so often we feel we have failed. Even worse is when we think we have failed God – we haven’t lived up to our potential or we’ve done things to offend God. This is not possible. Divine Love is fantastic because you can never not be loved. You can never fail because the Divine is working through you perfectly. So, in addition to repeating, “I release my inner self to the Light,” say over and over, “Thank you, God, for me.” You’ll be able to truly love yourself, and this love will extend out to everyone else.

The sixth problem is the future. Every one of us has become a prophet. And we usually prophesy negatives. “I have so much to do, I’ll never get it all done.” “The economy is so terrible; we’ll have nothing left in six months.” “We will never manage climate change.” This is a special kind of fear, and it keeps us from living in Love and Beauty and Joy. We are so afraid of the future; we can’t enjoy the present. And if our thoughts are focused on terrible things to come, we will manifest them, because our thoughts are powerful. “I release all my future to the Light.” Leave the future in the hands of the Divine.

The seventh common problem is our human desires. There is so much we think we need to make ourselves happy. Whatever we have, we will not be satisfied unless we have more or better. We can’t be content in the present, because we desire something different. Frequently what we desire is related to protecting ourselves from our fears, so over time as we use the effective prayer format we will need less to be satisfied. Stating: “I release all my human desires to the Light” frees us. We find ourselves happier and what we need more easily manifests.

An eighth common problem is our concept of sex. Sex is one of the strongest human desires, but it is especially our concept of sex that needs to change. We see every person in terms of male or female, and this alters our relationships so we cannot love divinely. We can help balance the male-female within ourselves by repeating; “I release my concept of sex to the Light.” Releasing our concept of sex and gender to Light allows us to see everyone as Light beings.

The ninth problem is judging. Not only do we judge ourselves and others, we judge the weather, politics, and everything we see and hear. Whether our opinions are negative or positive, it’s still judging. These judgments limit us and limit what we can create. State “I release all my judging to the Light.” Again, specify any nagging problematic judgments and visualize them changing to Light.

The tenth block is communication. What we think we say may not be what we said and is certainly not what others hear. We expect our loved ones to know what we want and need without telling them. If they don’t, we think they don’t love us. This problem covers silent communication, too, which is often much stronger and more pervasive than the words we say. One of the best ways to communicate silently is to say; “I love you” to everyone you see. Though no words are spoken, the message will be received. Thus, saying “I release my communication to the Light” will smooth and enable your communications.

The eleventh problem is our concept of money. We’ve made it a God, because deep down we’re more interested in money than anything else. Money is equated with Love and it makes us feel important and safe. It is also used by many to control others. Money helps us manage our fears. Know that money is good! It is just a form of energy. Money is life-in-action and we should all have abundant life. Abundance is attracted to Light, and when we no longer put money first in our lives, abundance will come. Stating “I release my concept of money to the Light” will help you expand to embrace abundance in all its many forms.

The twelfth problem is our concept of religion. Organized religion tends to separate people, claiming that one belief is superior to another. In God there is no “better than.” Be sure to release religious leaders and fill them with Light. There is but one leader who can direct your life perfectly for you, and that is the Divine within you. “I release my concept of religion.”

The Second Step:

“I am a Light Being.” This declaration is true, and we now have research to support it. Our body’s cells create light in the mitochondria of each cell. We are literally Light Beings. In one experiment researchers were stunned to find light coming from a person who had been placed in a field of absolute darkness. Light was coming out of the person’s eyes. Just as our sun radiates Light to the entire solar system, each of us radiates Light in all directions. By working with this Light from our own Light Center, our solar plexus, we can alter ourselves. Repeating this positive statement about ourselves stills the mind and the body, allowing Divine Love to flow through.  Repetitively stating: “I am a Light Being” or “I am Divine” will alter our consciousness allowing Divinity to transform our body, our mind and ultimately affecting our soul.

The Third Step:

“I radiate the Light from my Light Center throughout my whole being.” In this step you concentrate on the Light within you. Visualize the Light originating in your solar plexus and lighting up your entire body. This step activates all the chakras, energy centers, of the body. See the Light in every part of your body, changing every cell to pure Light. Where there is Light, there can be no darkness; and with this step you can heal yourself. If you know of a physical problem, see that area of your body as Light and do this as often as you can.

The Fourth Step:

“I radiate the Light from my Light Center to everyone.” Now you go on from radiating Light throughout your own being to radiating Light to everyone. The Light does not judge who is more deserving of its benefit. Radiate Light equally to every person. Know that the Light is activating the Light in others, bringing about change. It is not you that causes change; it is the Light. This is how you learn to Love Divinely – by seeing Light and Love in every person. Of course, if you know of physical problems in your loved ones or your friends, you visualize the Light in that person radiating from his or her Light Center throughout the body, and especially to the area that needs healing. Know that if a Divine healing occurs, only the Divine is responsible.

The Fifth Step:

“I radiate the Light from my Light Center to everything.” If you could see within a rock, you would understand just how deeply the negative thoughts and emotions of mankind have penetrated everything that is. It is now our turn as Creators to change that. Radiate Light to every living thing and every inanimate thing. Radiate Light throughout the Earth and know the ground you walk upon is holy. Radiate Light throughout the waters of our world and know that every atom of water is Light and every creature in the water is filled with Light. There is nothing that does not need Light. Know that the Light you are radiating will be directed where it is needed.

The more you radiate Light to someone or something outside yourself, the more your effort will transform you. You cannot drain the Infinite – that which is Divine in you. So, give it away. Pray without ceasing, which means giving Divine Light and Love All the time. If you practice this, you will know that even in sleep you are radiating Light.

The Sixth Step:

“I am in a bubble of Light. Only Light can come to me and only Light be here.” Many people on planet Earth are not aware of what they are creating with their thoughts and emotions, so it is important to protect ourselves. With constant prayer and radiating Light over time, our need to protect ourselves lessens as we begin to know we are the Light of the world. As we constantly radiate Light, we become Light. We learn we need never fear anything at all because we are Divine.

The Seventh Step:

“Thank you, God for everything, for everyone, and for me.” Recognition that the Divine is in operation in all that is, is the most important change in consciousness you can make. Know that the Divine is working perfectly in everyone and everything. Know that you cannot judge results, or people, or anything you see and hear. Know that the Light can change everything. In spite of evolution, in spite of prophecies, all can be changed simply by recognizing the Divine and saying, “Thank you God for Love and Light in everyone and everything and in me.” After you work with these Seven Steps for a time, you will think of ways to change them. Go right ahead. Be Creative! You are Light and you will know what is right for you. Soon you will find that radiating Light is such a part of you, you no longer have to consciously work at radiating Light. It has become second nature to be the Light of the world and you will be a more effective creator working in concert with the Divine.