The Light Room

Light Room
The Light Center’s light chamber is circular and bordered with comfortable chairs. A panel of lights surrounding the room below ceiling height is programmed to shine one color at a time for five minutes each. The seven colors begin with red, continue with consecutive hues of the rainbow, and end with white light. The sequence, augmented by beautiful music, lasts thirty-five minutes. The “Heart” track from Richard Shulman’s Light Music CD playing here was composed for the Light Room and is timed to the changing of the lights. The Light Music CD can be purchased online or in the gift shop when you visit.

Light RoomThe frequency of color brings about balance and harmony in the physical body. This enables the individual to concentrate on prayer and meditation. Each color corresponds to an energy center, chakra, in our body. Praying for oneself heightens relaxation. Most people experiencing the light chamber emerge reenergized and rested. Many have deep personal experiences. Come experience light bathing in our light chamber for yourself!