Experience a place of prayer and meditation for individual and global growth.

Through inner work we tap into the Divine to become who we are meant to be – beings of Love and Light.

URLight Visitor Center

United Research, The Light Center was created as a secluded place where people could come to pray, meditate, and rejuvenate in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is dedicated to prayer for individual and societal change.

Come visit our prayer dome, our healing light chamber, walk our wooded meditation trails, forest bathe, and stay in our beautiful lodge.

Mission: To increase awareness of the Oneness of All That Is by expanding Light, Peace, and unconditional Love.

Vision: To provide an environment that supports individual and universal transformation through effective prayer, compassionate education, service and creating Good moment by moment.

News & Events

Summer Solstice Concert with Richard Shulman
June 20, 2021 from 2:30-4:30 PM

Richard Shulman
Join us to celebrate the Summer Solstice as composer/artist/musician Richard Shulman creates Divinely Inspired music on the Kawaii Grand Piano in the Dome.
You won’t want to miss this experience!
Seating is limited to 25 with social distancing. Tickets: $25 advance; $30 at door.
For registration contact the Light Center, email: dome@urlight.org


Prayer is powerful.
When one’s consciousness merges with the Divine, the heart’s resonance communicates with All that Is.


Whether attending an event, offering a retreat, or joining one of our meditation-prayer meetings, we are here to promote the Oneness of All.

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Connect with nature in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Visit our geodesic dome, lodge, light chamber, and more.
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