Light Center Prayer

We encourage you to use this prayer within the structure of your own beliefs, to promote peace and unity among all people.
The 7 StepsDaily Prayer


The Light Center Prayer

1. I release all of my past, negatives, fears, human relationships, self-image, future, and human desires to the Light.

2. I am a Being of Light.

3. I radiate the Light from my Light Center throughout my being.

4. I radiate the Light from my Light Center to everyone.

5. I radiate the Light from my Light Center to everything.

6. I am in a bubble of Light and only the Light can come to me and only the Light can be here.

7. Thank you God for everyone, for everything, and for me.

The Seven Steps Explained

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The Light Center Prayer was developed by the founders of the Light Center and has been enjoyed by many over the years.  The beauty is its accessibility to all and ability to be used within the structure of ones own beliefs, to promote peace and unity among all people.

“Practice this prayer effectively…read Mastering the Self In doing the seven steps of Effective Prayer, it should be remembered, when we say “I release …” or “I radiate …” that this “I” is the “I” of the Divine within us. It is not so much something that we are doing but rather something that we are allowing the Divine to manifest and do through us. This “I” is what Jesus spoke of when he said “I of myself can do nothing. It is the Father within that doeth the works”. This “I” then is sacred and holy – the Father within. It is something that we open up to. Realize and allow this “I”, the Divinity within you, to say “I release …” and “I radiate …” and your prayers will no longer be a thing of mental effort or striving; rather will they be an expression of spiritual being – Joy and Peace and effortless effort.” ~ Jim Goure, Founder

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Daily & Weekly Prayers

Prayer for Effective Living, Sunday, 10.11.20 

From deep within, I know “I am the Light of the world.” I release my limitations to Light. I aid in creating Good on our fantastic planet. All species are filled with Light and Love. I help create Good for All. Amen.

Prayer for Effective Living, Saturday, 10.10.20         

 Today, I give thanks for the loving gift of art. The arts and artists are a Divine Gift. The arts cushion us, heal us, and inspire us. All art, especially music, lifts us from our toils. Refreshed and renewed we return to our daily round. Visualizing, I fill all...

Prayer for Effective Living, Friday, 10.9.20

As I meditate on “pattern integrity” from deep within, feeling pattern integrity, I realize it is Divine Essence. Second by second, I feel shimmering Energy transforming my body, my cells, my atoms, my subatomic structure, my vibrational frequency. Sizzling, I know we...


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