Work as the Divine

Worldly things such as work seem to be distractions.  We tend to put down the workaday world.  But Work is a Divine attribute.  And once we get into the consciousness that all of us are working together with the Creator, then we know, “I must help you accomplish your Divine Mission.”  Not only must I help you, but more than that, I must increase you.  How do I increase you?  I increase Love.  I increase Light.

We think we are controlled by the need to work for money.  Working for a boss or for money is not truth. The truth is that you are the Creator, and the boss is the Creator.  Both of you are working for the Creator in your own ways.  Therefore, there is no control  There is only Love.

The more you work for the Creator within, the more you give Love.  The more you give Love, the more you truly live.  (from Leading a Life of Prayer)