Dear Light Group,

The times we live in can seem a bit crazy, and if we let it, our reaction to what’s going on around us can leave us dispirited.

But maybe we could take a little inspiration from our parents’, grandparents’, or great-grandparents’ (depending on your age) generation. They came through the Great Depression and World War II (events that were a lot worse that what we’re experiencing) with an optimistic, upbeat attitude and a can-do spirit.

Beyond that, a number of them expressed a simple, but very deep spirituality.

An example of the optimism and spirituality of that generation would be Jim and Diana Goure. In 1948 – shortly after the end of World War II, a war in which 60 million people, many of them civilians, were killed – Jim and Diana created their personal bible, their own guidelines for living. This personal bible lays out in simple terms a commitment to living a life of spirit. Jim later amended it and called it a Code of Life. Here it is:

Listen to God, within self and within everyone and everything
Pray regularly
Think love, think Light
Let Love and Light do it
Let God direct your life and your relationships
Let Love put Peace and Goodwill in all hearts
Let Love awaken all to God and His Goodness
Be peaceful and calm
Give thanks to God
Be patient, be kind, be helpful, and be Love

You might want to experiment with one or more of these guidelines during our Saturday prayer – or even better, come up with your own living bible, your own Code of Life.

Love and Light,