Dear Light Group,

I received an email this week from one of our Light Group members, Jacquelyn, that had an interesting perspective on recent weather-related events in the United States.  
Jacquelyn started her email message with a memory: “One time while I was living at the Light Center, Jim got on my case because California [where Jacquelyn lives] was having so many fires.” Jim saw extreme weather and natural disasters as reflections of human consciousness and as indications of a need for prayer.  
Jim wasn’t alone in these beliefs. Jacquelyn in her email quoted a Buddhist, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, as saying this about natural disasters: “They are not natural because they come from…past inner negative thoughts and actions of people….”
Jacquelyn in her email quoted another Buddhist, Lama Tenzin, who has said that “fire is the life-giving energy of the sun as well as the life-destroying forest fire.  It’s…the emotions of hatred and desire, the warmth of compassion….”  
Water also is life-giving and is also associated the emotions. Water is something that can balance fire.

Balance–both in terms of our weather as well as our collective emotions–is something lacking in America.  Instead, we have extremes.  Extreme emotions and the extremes of water and fire. Hurricane Harvey has clobbered Houston while forest fires have been destroying trees in California and Oregon.

Let us offer our prayers for those who have been hurt, both physically and emotionally, by the extremes in our nation: “God, bless and help those who have been harmed by Hurricane Harvey.  Heal those who have been injured.  Comfort those who have lost loved ones.  Bring wholeness to those who have lost homes and businesses.  God, bless and help those who have been harmed by the forest fires in California and Oregon.  Bring wholeness to those who have suffered.  Protect the firefighters.

“God, bring wholeness to our nation.  Bring us a knowing of Thy Peace and Love.  Let there be a flow of Love and Peace between all Americans. May we return to our mission of being the Light of the world.”

Love and Light,