Dear Light Group,

In letting go of our problems and in being focused on the mission of being the Light of the world, we achieve the freedom we desire.  Hear what Jim Goure had to say:
We tend to get caught up with our personal problems….They are heavy upon us, and we keep these problems in front of us.
You tend to let your problems control you.  If you clean up one of your problems, immediately you’re going to have another one.  You may end up with five or six at the same time.  Getting caught up in them, they get bigger and there are more of them – just to control you – because once you lock into being a Light being, these problems and this personality know they’re dead.  They’re gone.  And they want to exist, to control you, so that you will keep them alive.  
The second you lock into who you really are, those problems die.  Personality is gone.  There is only the Christ manifesting.  
If you look at everything you do in life, you see that it’s function is to please somebody.  You try to do things perfectly to get a little bit of love or praise from someone.  What we need to do is work for and satisfy the Creator within and only the Creator within.  
Once you begin to take on this mission of being the Light of the world…these little problems that seem so big begin to dissolve.  They will begin to fade away.  Not only fade away, they will have been solved without your doing anything about them.  The little things…are moved out of the way so that you will have more time to do this greater work.  
If you would like a prayer to help you get into this mindset, you might try: “Thank you, God, for keeping me focused on Thee and the mission of being the Light of the world.  In Thee is freedom.  In Thee is the freedom to Be Divine. Thank you, God, for the Light.  Thank you, God, for the Light radiating within me.  Thank you, God, for the Light radiating from within me to everyone and everything.  Thank you, God, for the Light radiating throughout Earth.  Thank you, God, for the Light radiating throughout all creation.  Thank you, God, for making it so.”
Love and Light,