Dear Light Group,

One of Jim Goure’s lectures was entitled “Myths and Misunderstandings.” In that lecture, he said that many people have a mythical understanding of God.

For example, when he would look inwardly as people were praying, Jim would often see that people were praying to God as a man with a white beard who had a sword in one hand and a scepter in the other. The sword was to punish us when we were bad, and the scepter was to reward us when we were good. False, said Jim.  That’s not what God is.

Nor, said Jim, should we make a god out of Jesus. That was a controversial thing for Jim to say, especially living in the Bible Belt of the South. But in Jim’s reading of the Bible, Jesus never said, “Pray to me.” Instead, Jesus said, “Pray to our Father, which art in heaven.” Elsewhere, Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is within–within each one of us. And the Bible indicates that God is Light, Love, Truth, and Spirit. So if the Father is in heaven, and if that heaven is within each one of us, and if the nature of the Father is Light, Love, Truth, and Spirit, it follows, said Jim, that we should be praying, not to an individual, but to Light, Love, Truth, and Spirit.

In a similar vein, Jim had an unorthodox interpretation of the Second Coming. Most Christians believe in the Second Coming of Christ. This, Jim implied, is another myth, in the sense that the real Second Coming is the coming of Divine consciousness in each one of us. In our original creation, we were one with the Divine. We have fallen from that consciousness. The real Second Coming, said Jim, is when we return to that undiluted Divine Consciousness that was ours in the original creation.

There were other myths that Jim dispelled. One of those myths is the myth of a superior religion, that our religion is better than anyone else’s religion. For centuries, Christians tried to save other religions from their sinful ways. There are other religions or religious sects today that see any religion other than their own as being blasphemous. Considerable violence is still being done in the name of religion.

Jim’s point in dispelling these various myths was that this is a time of growth on planet Earth, and for us to accomplish this growth, we must get rid of misunderstandings.

In that spirit, you might want to try a prayer such as, “Thank you, God, for Thy Truth coming to planet Earth.  Thank you, God, for opening all of us to Thy Truth. Thank you, God, for helping us to see that there is no God but Thee. Thank you, God, for helping us to walk in Thy ways. Thank you, God, for helping us to live Thy Truth, Thy Light, Thy Love, Thy Spirit. Thank you, God, for helping us to know Thy Kingdom, for helping us to know Thy Heaven that resides in each one of us.  Amen.”

Love and Light,