Dear Light Group,

Jim Goure had some interesting ideas about Peace:
We tend to be in turmoil.  We are afraid we’re not doing God’s work, and we are fearful that we’re not doing the right thing.
Jesus was never in a hurry, not even when his friend Lazarus was sick.  
The power of the Divine can take care of everything.  So relax.  Be at Peace.  God is here.  All things are possible with God – all things.  I don’t care how deeply into trouble you are, the Divine can get you out of everything.  And one of the steps is Peace – letting go and letting the Creator do it.  As Jesus said, “I don’t do anything.  The Father does it all,” so we, too, don’t have to do a thing.  We let the Divine, the Creator, do it, and immediately we have Peace – immediately.  
This is a beautiful statement of a highly evolved state of consciousness.  But it can be misinterpreted.  I’ve seen deeply spiritually people adopt an attitude of, “I’ll wait and see what the universe has in store for me” – and nothing happens.  They seem a bit surprised that the universe hasn’t handed them something wonderful.  Passivity alone usually doesn’t yield results.  
There can be problems with the opposite approach.  There are those who believe, “It’s all well and good to believe in God, but history shows that only the strong, the action-oriented survive and succeed.  God is in heaven, but here on Earth, we humans need to act or we will be eaten alive.”  Those who take that attitude run the risk of losing their connection to God and losing their soul.
Buddha taught the Middle Way, the middle way between extremes.  Perhaps there is a Middle Way for us, too.  We can explore that Middle Way with prayers such as:

I let go.  I let go of my need to control.  I let go of everything that has me uptight.  I let go of all of my fears.  Having let go, there is Divine Peace and Divine Potential.  I let go and let God do it.  The Divine works through me to bring about the greater Good.  The Divine brings a greater Good to my life.  The Divine brings a greater Good to the lives of my loved ones.  The Divine brings a greater Good to all the lives I touch.  The Divine brings a greater Good to everyone and everything.

In that greater Good is Peace.  Thank you, God, for this, Thy Peace.  Thank you, God, for this Peace, here, now, in me and in everyone and everything.


Love and Light,