Tully Moss2009

Dear Light Group,

I am in northern Italy on vacation. I have visited numerous museums and churches. I have seen scores of paintings of the Madonna and Child, John the Baptist, Stations of the Cross, St. Sebastian, and other scenes from the Bible. The beauty of it all is inspiring.

The churches are exquisite. And empty. Empty of people–except for tourists. This has made me think of the message St. Francis of Assisi received. After he turned from his wanton ways to a life of the Spirit, he set out to build a church. He did so with great energy and determination. But then he got the message that, no, this wasn’t what Jesus intended: his mission was not to build a physical church but to rebuild the spiritual underpinnings of Christianity.

And what has proven to be the durable spiritual legacy? Is it these churches I have visited–beautiful, but now mostly museums? Or is it in the inspiring example of St. Francis and in the Prayer of St. Francis, still spoken by millions around the world?

So the real church structure to build is the structure of spirituality within each one of us. That ultimately is of greater value and spiritual impact than building physical structures.

One of the primary ways in which we can build our churches within is by engaging in prayer.

To get us started on prayer this Saturday, there are two people I would like you to consider praying for. The first is Carol Morrell, a long-time participant in United Research activities, who passed away a couple of weeks ago. What I admired about Carol was that she put the concepts we learned from Jim Goure into practical application. She founded a daycare center based on the principles of Light and taught hundreds of children a Light-filled perspective on life. You might consider saying a prayer such as, “Thank you, God, for Carol Morrell and for her mission of bringing the Light to children.”

The second request comes from one of our Light Group members, Jacquelyn, who has asked that we please pray for “military veteran David Lonebear Sanipass for physical, emotional, and total being.”

And if you’re feeling that you’ve gotten into a prayer groove, consider praying for others who are in need of healing and then extend that prayer of healing to the United States of America and all of its people. It’s an emotional time in America. Prayer might help all of us stay focused on the Light.

Love and Light,