Dear Light Group,

Jim Goure saw things in the Bible that others had missed.  One of my favorite Jim Goure insights is from the raising of Lazarus from the dead (in the eleventh chapter of the Book of John).

Lazarus lived in Bethany, which was not far from Jerusalem.  Lazarus got sick.  His sisters Martha and Mary sent for Jesus, asking him to come to Bethany and heal Lazarus.  Jesus waited a few days before going to Bethany.   By then Lazarus had died.  Many people came to Martha and Mary to console them over their brother’s death.

When Martha heard that Jesus was finally coming, she went to greet Jesus, saying to him that had he been there earlier, Lazarus would not have died, but that she knew that whatever Jesus asked of God, it would happen.  Jesus responded, “Your brother shall rise again,” to which Martha said, “I know he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day.”

Then came this dramatic statement from Jesus, “I am the resurrection and the life.”  Jim Goure’s take on this statement was that “It was the only time Jesus declared Himself.  Before this he talked to people: preaching, ministering, lecturing.  But this time, he said, ‘I am the resurrection.’  It’s the most fantastic statement!  When he made that statement, it was just like in the very beginning when God said, ‘Let there be Light….it was…coming directly from the Divine.  When he said, ‘I am the resurrection,’ he was saying it not just for self, but for the world.  With this statement, he instantly changed all of the atoms and cells within his own body to a more fantastic body than he had before.  Far more than that, though, when he said, ‘I am the resurrection,’ he was One.  We tend to think of him as a separate individual in a two-by-four body, but he wasn’t.  You must think of him as universally present.  When he said, ‘I am the resurrection,’ it was declared through every atom of the planet and through everyone on the planet.  It was the most fantastic statement, stated with such power and beauty.”

After making his dramatic statement, “I am the resurrection,” Jesus went to the grave of Lazarus, had others roll back the stone blocking the grave where Lazarus had been buried, and then called out in a loud voice, “Lazarus, COME FORTH!”  And that Lazarus did, still wrapped in grave cloth.

With the magnificent statement from Jesus of “I am the resurrection” as inspiration, with a feeling for the power of this energy, let us resurrect ourselves and others.  Let us call out to the Divine spirit within ourselves and within others, “COME FORTH!”  For all that is decayed or sickly within ourselves and others, let us call out to the Divine within, “COME FORTH!”  If, as Jim said, the energy of resurrection permeates the planet, and if, as Jim said, the energy of resurrection is universally present, then let us say to that energy, “COME FORTH!”

You might try a prayer such as, “Divine energy of resurrection, COME FORTH NOW! – in me, in my loved ones, in everyone and everything!”

As you bring this energy of resurrection into your life and your world, please also call it forth in Barbara Maysilles, a friend of the Light Center’s, who underwent surgery a few days ago.

May the energy of resurrection uplift you and your loved ones and all of Earth.

Love and Light,