Dear Light Group,

Jim Goure told us – probably more than a thousand times – “The Great Guru is within you.” There are a couple of ways of interpreting that.

One interpretation that Jim certainly meant was, “Don’t make a god of me or any other spiritually advanced being. You have the answers within you.” Jim knew the dangers of having others put him on a pedestal, revere him, and look to him for their personal salvation. These dangers were true not only for him, but for any spiritual teacher that people would want to revere. The danger of revering others would be that we would use them as a crutch and would not step into our own Divinity. We would rely on the guru to do everything. There would be a high probability that we would remain spiritually weak and dependent.

There is another interpretation of “The Great Guru is within.” That interpretation is that we can let go and let the Great Guru within guide us, think for us, and act. We tend to operate with the thought that, “I must do it.” “I must go to the grocery store to get food.” “I must do thus and such at work.” “I must do this with my family.” This is our human mindset and our ego in operation. What this leads to is the ego charging ahead, grasping for things it wants and aggressively trying to avoid things for which it has an aversion. Happiness occurs temporarily, when we get what we want. Frustration and aggression occur when we feel thwarted from fulfilling our desires.

There is a better way.

That better way is to let go and recognize the Great Guru within. That Great Guru has the energies and the wisdom of the Divine. That Great Guru has the Love, Light, Truth, and Spirit that is spoken of in the Bible. Those energies are pure. They are never tainted by human ego or desires. Those energies are universal – they are in everyone and everything. Those energies never leave the Great Guru. When we pause long enough to recognize those energies of the Great Guru within, the freight of judgments and of ego desires and aversions is lifted from us. We are then free. We are free to be those energies of Love, Light Truth, and Spirit. And in recognizing the universality of those energies, we give them freely to everyone and everything. We are like our sun, shining on the just and the unjust alike.

Having given ourselves over to the Great Guru, it is not as if we abandon our physical body or that we don’t pay attention to its needs. The difference is that we replace “I must” with “The Great Guru knows” or “The Great Guru acts in a way that is good for me and that is for the good of all.” We let go and let the Great Guru guide us. The Great Guru has the grand view of what our needs are and guides us to the simplest, most effortless way of satisfying those needs.

Letting go and letting the Great Guru guide us is easier said than done. Our egos can have a powerful desire to exist, and they can manipulate us in the most cunning of ways.

But let us, this Saturday, at least begin the process of letting the Great Guru guide us. You might want to try prayers such as these:

The Great Guru within me is Divine Love, Light, Truth, and Spirit.
This Love, Light, Truth, and Spirit brings me Divine Peace. I am at peace with myself and at peace with the world.
The Great Guru within me gives of this Love, Light, Truth, and Spirit to everyone and everything.
The Great Guru within me thinks and acts. Divine Love, Light, Truth, and Spirit does the thinking and the acting. I am free. I am at peace with myself and my world.

Love and Light,