Dear Light Group,

One of the challenges of spiritual life is finding balance.  At one extreme, we can get so lost in New Age bromides and spiritual fantasies that we become incapable of functioning in the “real world.”  At another extreme, we can become so preoccupied with ourselves that we neglect the larger world, even in our prayers.  At yet another extreme, we can obsess about the world and its many problems to the point where we give up hope and become depressed.

None of these extremes is healthy.  None is effective.
What is effective is a balanced set of prayers for our own lives as well as for the world at large.  
One of the beauties of this balanced approach is that, as we begin to work for others, an instant healing takes place within ourselves.  
A method for working on others is to universalize your prayers.  In doing so, you take every opportunity presented to you to pray for everyone with a given condition.  For example, if you have a cold, you could pray for all people who have colds: “Thank you, God, for healing me of this cold.  Thank you, God, for healing everyone who has colds.”
Or if someone you know has gone into the hospital for surgery, you could pray for everyone undergoing a similar surgery: “The Creator in __________ heals her and directs her life to Light.  The Creator in the surgeons, nurses, and other medical professionals treating _______ fills and surrounds them with Light.  The medical equipment and any medications being used to treat ____________ are filled and surrounded by Light.  The operating room and the hospital where ________ will receive her surgery are filled and surrounded by Light.  Everyone and everything in the hospital is filled and surrounded with Light.  The Creator in all people undergoing similar surgery fills and surrounds them with Light, heals them, and directs their lives to Light.  All of the medical professionals treating these people fills and surrounds them with Light.  The operating rooms and hospitals where these people are undergoing surgery are filled and surrounded with Light.”  
You can take your prayers to yet another level by praying that all people be healed of all their problems.  Since physical ailments so often can be traced to the mind, start by healing people’s minds: “The minds of all humans are in bubbles of Light.  Only Light can come to these minds and only Light be there.”  
And then pray for the healing of the planet as a whole.  Visualize Earth in a bubble of Light: “The world is in a bubble of Light.  Only Light can come to it and only Light be there.  Thank you, God, for healing Earth and for directing its life to Light.”
Through these prayers, Light is brought to Earth, and people begin to breathe, eat, and sleep in Light.  From this, everyone begins to heal, and you begin to live a balanced life.
Love and Light,