Dear Light Group,

With the van-killing in Barcelona, violent demonstrations in Virginia, and tensions with North Korea, the world could benefit from a good dose of Divine Peace.

Peace starts with each one of us, and peace comes to us with the blessed assurance that we have the Divinity within us and that we are one with this Divinity.  This is the Peace that passeth understanding.  It is the Peace that is far beyond understanding.  It is Peace at the level of knowing – knowing that the Divinity is within us.

We can get into this Divine Peace if we see Peace, hear Peace, speak Peace.

One way to get started with this consciousness of Peace is: whenever you enter a home or a building, think to yourself, “Peace be unto you and everyone and everything within.”

You can also deepen your consciousness of Peace by saying prayers of Peace for yourself and for everyone you meet: “The Creator in me fills and surrounds me with Peace.  The Creator fills and surrounds __________ with Peace.  There is a flow of Divine Peace between us.”

This prayer of Peace can be extended to anyone, including leaders of nations: “The Creator in Kim Jong-Un of North Korea fills and surrounds him with Peace.  The Creator in Donald Trump fills and surrounds him with Peace.  There is a flow of Divine Peace between them.”

You can go beyond individuals with a prayer of Peace for Earth.  That prayer could be something as simple as, “Peace.  Be still.”

Earth will benefit from the Peace and stillness you bring it.

Love and Light,