Dear Light Group,

The purpose of life is to be Divine. Being Divine means having continual oneness with the Divine. It also means continual giving–the giving of Light, the giving of Love, to all that is.

By doing so, we create Good. This Good is a powerful force. One who creates Good is much more powerful than one who is creating negatives. A person consumed with negative thoughts is immediately affected by the person creating Good and enters a new, more positive level of consciousness.

We don’t need to be in a monastery to create Good. We can live a normal life–work, family, friends – and still create Good. And the more we create Good, that smoother that normal life becomes. The things we need come to us more easily and more quickly–and at times in a much better form than we had imagined.

We can get into the flow of creating Good by declaring, “Thank you, God, for creating Good. Thank you, God, for the awakening of God consciousness in each one of us. Thank you, God, for each one of us holding to this God consciousness from this moment on.”

Love and Light,