Dear Light Group,

Freedom is something virtually all humans desire.  When considering individual freedom, we oftentimes think, “I’ll be free when….”  I’ll be free when I have a million dollars.  I’ll be free when I have a nicer car.  I’ll be free when I have a decent home.  I’ll be free when I get a better job.  I’ll be free when I get this jerk out of my life.  On and on the list goes.

But the opposite is true.  All of these desires just plunge us deeper into bondage.  Real freedom comes from letting go.  When we let go of our human desires and instead go to the Divine within is when we attain real freedom.

To push us towards that Divine freedom, Jim Goure gave us some blunt advice: “If you find yourself asking for anything, throw the idea out the window and go stomp on it, really stomp on it….”  

The answer, said Jim, was not in asking for more but in “get[ting] into the flow of giving constantly.”  

By doing so, “You are free….You are no longer limited by any thought….You have total freedom because you no longer ask for anything out there.  You are totally giving and totally creating total GOOD everywhere and in everyone.”

And then, in a moment of powerful inspiration and uplift, Jim said, “It is only a matter of doing it.  No one else can do it for you.  You are the one.  You are the chosen one.  You have been chosen from the beginning of time to be able to create this GOOD at this time so that this planet will be the first Heaven and Earth combined together.  The only thing that can limit you is your ability to dare, your ability to imagine.  How did God create in the beginning?  He imagined.  He imagined each and every one.  And that is the secret.  Imagine GOOD in everything and everyone and increase it greater than it was in the beginning.”

To get us into this spirit, you might want to try a prayer such as, “I am That. I am that One.  I am one with the Divine.  In that Holy Spirit, I create GOOD.  I create GOOD throughout my life.  I create GOOD throughout the lives of my loved ones.  I create GOOD in everyone I see.  I create GOOD in all peoples.  I create GOOD throughout the plant, animal, mineral, and angelic kingdoms.  I create GOOD, all for the glory of the Divine.  This GOOD is heaven on Earth.  Thank you, God, for making it so.  Amen.”

Love and Light,