Dear Light Group,

One of Jim Goure’s more powerful attributes was his ability to stay focused on the Light, even during situations when others would be seeing darkness, despair, and defeat.  
It’s not that he was a Pollyanna about life.  He was well aware of the suffering that people were experiencing.  But rather than being caught up in the sadness and fear they were expressing, Jim would turn people to the Light.  
His view was that everything was for the glory of God.  This could be hard to accept if one were in the midst of a traumatizing experience.  But Jim counseled people to “think of the glory of yourself, of the glory of your beingness, of the glory of your becoming a new type of being.  And give thanks to God for that happening.  Give thanks to the God within, to that which You Are.  Give thanks that you are indeed changing and that it indeed is a glory.”
Jim counseled us to “accept whatever happens as the glory of God, as the glory of yourself, as the enhancement of yourself.  The glory of God is not limited.  The more we become aware that happenings are for the glory of God, the more that we have Energy, the more that we have Life, the more that we have the ability to accomplish the things that Jesus did or greater.”
Jim was realistic: “It may take years before the changes take place.  During those years, there is travail, there are tears.  But every experience is a glory – if we can see that.”
To have this mindset, you might try prayers such as:
  • Thank you, God for _____________[for whatever has happened, whether you perceive it to be a positive or a negative].
  • The Creator fills me with Light and Love.  The Creator fills everyone and everything involved this situation with Light and Love.  
  • The Creator changes the consciousness of all people so that they become aware of the Good coming from this situation.  
  • The Creator creates Light and Love in, through, and around Earth.  The world is filled with Light and Love.  The consciousness of all people is changed to Light and Love
  • The Creator and I are one, yet the Creator does all the things I’ve ever done.  
  • The Creator is with me at all times and in all places, bringing me closer to the Divine.  
Love and Light,