Dear Light Group,

Islamic terrorists have reached new heights of insanity. Now they are killing their own–during the most holy month in the Islamic calendar. Yes, there have been attacks on the West over the past year: in Paris, at the Brussels airport, and in San Bernardino, California and Orlando, Florida. But during the holy month of Ramadan, ISIS has attacked Islamic cities, including Istanbul, Turkey; Dhaka, Bangladesh; Baghdad, Iraq; and, of all places, the holy city of Medina in Saudi Arabia. Madness and hatred have gone to new extremes.

Enough. Things need to change.

We can contribute to a positive change through our prayers. But first we made need to change our own views. Jim Goure provided us with a different view of terrorism. He said, “Acts of terrorism are acts of seeking love. Most of our problems as individuals come from a lack of love. Attention is the one thing we really want. We have many ways of getting attention….When it comes to the terrorists, they think we do not treat them as we should. We, the Americans, do not treat the Arab countries as we should. We do not treat them with the respect, honor, or equality that we do Israel. Obviously, that is true. They have this feeling of not only wanting to be recognized but of wanting respect for themselves. This is one of the ways of doing that: by tweaking the nose of America, they feel like they are accomplishing their mission. It isn’t the way of gentlemen or the way of people who have couth. It seems to be the way of the uncouth, of the barbaric. They’re at the stage of total rejection. And when you get to the stage of total rejection is when you get into killing.”

The central theme of Jim’s answer to this dilemma was, “Maybe one of the solutions to this particular problem of the terrorist[s]…is to come up with a method…of getting love to these people. The only love that fulfills the needs of people is Divine Love.

“Jesus, when he walked the planet, said, ‘Pray for those who despitefully use you.’ This is exactly what is going on. We are being despitefully used.

“It requires – not only in America but around the world – praying without any judgments. It requires praying effectively for these terrorists, for the Muslim world, for the Arabs – for them to feel they are accepted, that they are not rejected, that they are part of the world….These people are our well-beloved brothers. They believe in God. They are created in the image and likeness of God. Everyone is created that way. For people to reject another people is catastrophic. We must learn to love our fellow man. We must not only love them but find ways to help them. It is time for us to get into the consciousness of helping our fellow man. Helping them out of their darkness. Helping them out of their despair. Helping them out of their feeling of rejection.

“The primary solution is for us to pray effectively for the Shiites, the Sunnis, the other Arabs, and the whole Middle East. The amount of negative thoughts over the Middle East now is unbelievable. The negatives that have been implanted there continue to grow. With so many people thinking negative thoughts, it adds to the burden over there. It causes them to want to kill.

“We need to change that negative thought to love. When you eat, sleep, and drink Divine Love, you are not into the consciousness of killing. You are not into the consciousness of feeling rejected. You are not into the consciousness of wanting to get even. At that moment that you have Divine Love, you are willing to give. You are willing to help your fellow man. The idea of killing stops.

“There is a need all over the planet for people to learn to Divinely love each other. So that our abuse and killing of each other come to an end. There is a great need to pray that these terrorists be filled with Divine Love….”

So let us do just that. You might want to try prayers such as:

I release all of my negative thoughts and emotions about other people to the Light. I see the Light in everyone and everything. I am Light.
The Creator in fills all Islamic people with Divine Love.
The Creator fills the Islamic religion with Light.
The Creator fills all people of all religions with Divine Love.
The Creator fills all religions with Light.
The Creator fills planet Earth with Light and Love.
The Creator fills all people with Divine Love.

Saying these prayers will help lift this planet out of its despair, fear, and hatreds. Saying these prayers will help transform this planet into a planet of Light, of Love.

Love and Light,