Dear Light Group,

It can feel as though consciousness of the Divine comes in fits and starts. We can have experiences that make us feel,”I’ve got it!” And then…poof! It’s gone!  Something disrupts our flow. The carpet gets pulled from under our feet. We let our emotions overwhelm us.

So we slip. So what? That hasn’t changed our Divine nature. That hasn’t changed the Divine Light and Love that surround us. There’s no reason to get caught in a guilt trip. We just let go and keep on with the Divine Beingness that lives within.

It would help if, every time we look in the mirror, we would declare, “You are Divine. Divine Light and Love fill and surround you. That Divine Light and Love is who you are.”

And then we can take it the next step, declaring, “The Divine is in all people. Divine Light and Love fills and surrounds all people. The Divine in all people fills them with Love, heals them, and directs their lives to Light.” They, too, are Divine, and they need to feel it.

An additional prayer you might consider would be, “The Divine changes the consciousness of all people so that they become aware of Divine Good. The Divine changes negatives thoughts and negative emotions to Light and Love. The Divine changes aggression to Light and Love and Peace. The Divine creates Light and Love and Peace in and around Earth. All is Light, Love, and Peace.”

Prayers such as these bring us back to center and anchor our consciousness in that of the Divine.

Love and Light,