Dear Light Group,

The Book of Revelation tells us that we will see God face to face. What that means is that we will see each other as Divine. Given recent events on the world stage, that could be a challenging thing to do.

But let us start by reminding ourselves that we were made in the image and likeness of the Divine. That image and likeness is the Light within us.

Accepting that we have this Light within us, we know that we are totally free. We are free of man-made constraints. We are free of desires. We are free of fears. We are free of negatives.

Recognizing the Light within us, we know we are filled and surrounded by a wondrous beauty and a wondrous power. In the presence of that beauty and that power, we know we are free. We are free to radiate this Light to everyone and everything.

In radiating this Light to others, we know that where we stand is holy ground. It is made holy by our being there.

In radiating this Light to others, we know that they, too, are made of the same Light and that we are one in that Light.

A prayer you might want to try would be, “Thank you, God, for the Light that is within me and that is within everyone. Thank you, God, for this Light. Thank you, God, for a knowing that everyone is my beloved brother and beloved sister. Thank you, God, for the compassion we feel for our beloved brothers and sisters. Thank you, God, for expanding the Light in all of us, that we may all be free.”

Love and Light,