Dear Light Group,

The second Psalm asks, “Why do the nations rage so furiously together, and why do the people imagine a vain thing?”  Why indeed do we do these things?  And why, in the few thousand years since that Psalm was written, have we not learned?
The Bible states that God saw the Creation as GOOD.  But collectively we haven’t yet experienced that wonderful Goodness.  Instead, mankind has put much energy into experiencing evil, negatives, depressions, and all manner of hard times.  
That way of thinking, that way of existence, can be changed.  It can be changed by awakening people to the Divine and to the Goodness of the Divine.  When Goodness becomes a way of life for every person on Earth, all problems will be solved.  
We can help bring this to fruition by declaring with Divine authority, “Let Love and Light awaken all hearts and minds and souls of all people to the Divine and to Divine Goodness.”  That command, coming from the Divine within you, will change things for the better, for the Good.
You may use this prayer for anyone.  For family members.  For friends.  For political leaders.  For anyone.  For the planet as a whole.  Give it a try.  “Let Love and Light awaken the heart and mind and soul of ________ to the Divine and to Divine Goodness.”
Thank you for bringing the GOOD to Earth.
Love and Light,