Dear Light Group,

A tremendous amount of human energy is expended on unbalanced relationships between males and females. This male-female world that we live in is into separation and judging. It is a world in which our animal nature and our desire to control others have the upper hand. It is a world in which we are trapped by society’s traditions.

In this world we look outside of ourselves for answers. We look to a mate to love us, to fill that which we lack, to make us happy.

In this world we judge others. We put them in a box. We judge them as male or female. In so doing, we limit them. We do not see them as they truly are, Divine beings.

There is only Light. We can get into this consciousness of everyone being Light by silently saying, “I know you as the Light of the world. I hold to you as the Light of the world.”

We can also get into this consciousness by saying, “The energies flowing are balancing the male-female in me and in you.” Or, “I am whole and complete, male and female. I seek only the oneness of the male-female within myself. I live a balanced male-female relationship within myself.”

With prayers such as these, we elevate each person, including ourselves, into that which we truly are, Divine beings of Light.

We can then extend this consciousness to the world: “The Creator changes the male world to Light. The Creator changes the female world to Light. The Creator merges the male world and the female world into the Light. The world is Light.”

Love and Light,