Dear Light Group,

“Now it is the time to break free of the ego desires, the human desires…” said Jim Goure.  It is time, he said, to break free of “the desire for a new home because, ‘I don’t like this home anymore; I must move to Florida because it’s warm down there and it’s less expensive, and I can be with friends and enjoy life.’” Jim could have added a zillion other desires: “I need a new mate.”  “I need a new car.”  “I need a new job.”  “I need to move to a new city.”  “I need a new life.”  And on and on it goes.  These human desires are driven by a dissatisfaction with or rejection of something we currently have or by a desire to possess something to which we are powerfully attracted.  These desires are endless.  We never feel as though we have all of our ducks in a row.  We never feel completely satisfied.  

While Jim acknowledged that we all have human desires (I suspect that Jim himself had a particular fondness for hamburgers and ice cream), he told us that “we must break free of them….”

One way to break free of these desires is to release them to the Light.  You might experiment with naming everything you are attached to and then releasing it to the Light: “I release my desire for ___________ to the Light.”  Just keep repeating a given desire, using this prayer, until you feel you’ve fully released it.  

Another technique is to recognize the Divine Love within you and then expand that Divine Love.  You can start by loving the Divinity within yourself: “Thank you, God, for the breath that I breathe.  Thank you, God, for my mind.  Thank you, God, for my heart.  Thank you, God, for my vascular system.  Thank you, God, for my blood.  Thank you, God, for my organs.  Thank you, God, for my bones.  Thank you, God, for my hair.  Thank you, God, for my physical body.  Thank you, God, for my astral body.  Thank you, God, for my soul.  Thank you, God, for my Christed body.  Thank you, God, for the Creator within me.”  

Then you could expand this appreciation and this love to others: “Thank you, God, for my family.  Thank you, God, for my friends.  Thank you, God, for everyone in my life.  Thank you, God, for the Divinity in everyone.  Fill them full of Thy Light and Thy Love.”

The benefits of seeing the Divinity within ourselves and within others are tremendous.  Jim’s experience was that, “When you get to the Divinity within, there are no desires for anything or anyone….there is only one desire (if you have any desire at all) and that is to give Love, to give Divine Love, not human love, to give Divine Love 100 percent of the time to everyone, to bring GOOD [to everyone and everything].”  

So while we think freedom comes from fulfilling our desires, true freedom comes from giving up our desires and getting totally into being Divine.  If doing that we remove all the shackles of desires.  In doing that is the freedom we seek.

Love and Light,