Dear Light Group,

Living abroad for the last six years has heightened my appreciation for the United States, for what we have been given and for the role we have played on the world stage.  
That is not to say that we have been perfect, that we have never made mistakes, or that we don’t have whopper issues confronting us now.  
But on balance, the U.S. is an extraordinary place, and what Abraham Lincoln said over one hundred fifty years ago is still true: America is the last best hope of mankind.
To get you in the spirit, you may want to check out this video of the Texas Tenors: 
Let us pray this Saturday for the United States and the fulfillment of its mission: “Thank you, God, for the United States.  Let Thy Light shine on America, that its people may rise to fulfill America’s Divine mission.  Let this Light in America shine on the peoples of all nations, that all people may rise to sing Thy praises and hold Thy Love in their hearts.  Amen.”
Love and Light,