Dear Light Group,

The Bible can be confusing at times, but Jim Goure had a wonderful way of distilling the essence of a Biblical message in a unique interpretation that made a great deal of sense.

One such distillation was that of the commandments of the Tree of Life, which Jim said were: Thou shalt not judge; Love God; Love your neighbor; and Love yourself.  From the complexities of the Bible, particularly the obscure but fascinating Book of Revelation, he has given us this essential message.

But Jim noted that, instead of the Tree of Life, we humans have been much more interested in exploring the Tree of Good and Evil – the plus-minus, positive-negative, good-evil world.  The end result of this exploration, said Jim, is death.  Not Life, but death.

And what about death?  Jim noted that books on life after life and near-death experiences had been condemned by fundamental Christians because most of these books state that there is no hell; there is only life.  

A place for us to start this Saturday might be to let go of our fascination with the Tree of Good and Evil and let go of our thoughts and feelings about death and instead celebrated Life.  If you’re up for this, you might try a prayer such as: “I release all of my involvement with the Tree of Good and Evil to the Light.  I release all of my concepts of death to the Light.  Thank you, God, for Life.  Thank you, God, for the Joy and Beauty of Life.  Thank you, God, for every aspect of Life.  Let me live a life of goodness, of love, of love for Thee, of love for myself, of love for all of my fellow humans.  Thank you, God, for making it so.  Amen.”

Love and Light,