Dear Light Group,

The dearest wish of many spiritual people is to see God.  In his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus gave us a means of doing that: “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”  

So how do we purify our hearts?  Another spiritual master, Ramakrishna, had much to say about this.  In words similar to Jesus’, he said, “Only the pure in heart see God….God cannot be realized without purity of heart….In the pure heart, God takes His seat.”  

Why is a pure heart a precondition for seeing God?  Ramakrishna said, “Unless the soul is pure, it cannot have genuine love of God and single-minded devotion to the ideal.  The mind wanders away to various objects.”

How true that is.  It’s so easy to be distracted by yearnings to buy something, by what’s on television or in the newspapers or on social media, or by the chatter in our own minds.

Ramakrishna indicated what he meant by a pure heart when he said, “One receives the grace of God by subduing the passions – lust, anger, and greed.  Then one sees God.”  He knew this was not easy.  As advanced spiritually as Ramakrishna was, he admitted, “I tried many things to conquer lust.”  

“The way,” said Ramakrishna, “lies in discrimination, renunciation, and passionate yearning for God.”  By discrimination, he meant discriminating between that which is eternal and that which is fleeting, impermanent.  Renunciation for him meant renouncing the lure of the senses.  Desires and attachments keep us bound to a material world, keep us in bondage to our senses.  “This world is like a whirlpool in a river: once a boat goes into it, there is no hope of its rescue.”  Discrimination and renunciation combined with a passionate yearning for God were the ways out of this whirlpool.  They would purify one’s heart and allow one to see God.  

So let us pray this Saturday for the purity of heart that will allow us to see God.  “Thank you, God, for the purity of heart, mind, and soul that will enable us to see Thee.  Thank you, God, for the purity of heart, mind, and soul that will help us to know that there is only Thee.  Thank you, God, for the purity of heart, mind, and soul that will allow us to merge with Thee, to be one with Thee, to know Thee in all Thy glory.”

Love and Light,