Dear Light Group,

If you watch a monkey, it’s head swivels rapidly back and forth, and it’s eyes dart back and forth, and it is continually scampering from one place to another. At least by outer appearances, a monkey cannot be characterized a composed, meditative animal.

There are times (perhaps most of the time!) when we feel as though we, too, have the mind of a monkey– restless, uncontrollably active, rarely focused, never still. What to do about our own monkey mind? How can we break free of our inner world of interference?

One way is to consciously turn over the doing of things to the Divine. We still need to be aware and awake and take responsibility for our actions. But we start to let go of the need to control others and control our world by saying prayers such as, “The Creator within me controls my mind so that only Divine actions and thoughts can be with me.”

Another technique is to move your consciousness from your brain to another part of your body or even to move it outside of your body. Just visualize your consciousness being in your hands or in a space outside of your body, and rest your consciousness there.

Moving our consciousness away from our brain moves it away from ego and personality. The more we do that, the more we’ll be open to experiencing the All, in all of its Peace and Beauty and Joy.

If you find that you are still a tangle of uncontrollable emotions and thoughts, try visualizing that there is a great being or magnificent angel standing in front of you. That being or angel is staring at you. The being is pure. As it stares at you, it feels nothing but love and compassion towards you. Then take a deep breath and let that great being merge with you. And then you will know: that being is you.

Love and Light,