Dear Light Group,

It is so easy to be consumed with missions that society hands us: getting married, owning a house or two, owning a couple of cars, having wonderful children. Beyond that, we might dream of fame and fortune. Or perhaps we fantasize about a life of unbridled pleasure.

But deep inside there is an inner voice that says, “There is more.” There is a knowing that we are here for more than food, water, and shelter. We are here for more than fun and games. We’re here for more than glorifying our personalities.

This inner dissatisfaction with the missions handed to us by society leads us to ask, “What is that ‘something more’?” That “something more” is a Divine mission. “Divine mission” has a grand ring to it, but sometimes these missions can appear to be mundane: you might have a mission of learning to love your spouse or to love something for which you feel revulsion. Or it might be to experience the joy of the creation that surrounds you.

Then there are greater missions that all of us have, such as loving this planet and everyone on it. We have a mission to fill planet Earth full of Divine Love. That means filling everyone and everything full of Divine Love – so much Love that everyone and everything will change.

We are here to transform Earth into a new type of planet where everyone is aware of the Divine within themselves and within everyone else.

In the process of transforming Earth, each one of us has something unique to contribute.

In fulfilling our Divine missions, we feel great joy. Our joy is in knowing that we are connected with the Divine and that the Divine is with us.

We get started on our Divine missions by changing our consciousness. We change it by saying prayers such as, “The Divine is within. I am not my personality. I am my Divine mission. The Creator within reveals to me my Divine mission. I am accomplishing my Divine mission at every moment of every day. From the fulfillment of this mission flows Divine Love and Joy, radiating out, for the good of all.”

Love and Light,