Dear Light Group,
I received an interesting message this week from one of our Light Group members, Mark, who sent me the first chapter of a book that discusses the Tree of Life.  It is stated in this chapter that, “There is Light, and the Light is always there.  It surrounds and envelopes us, always entering through the top of our head, seeking to ground us.  This Primal Energy, Light, comes from the very center of the Universe.  It is what we are composed of.  The grounding that it seeks is for the rising of our energy to be complete.  It flows down through our crown chakra.”
Later in the chapter, it says, “When the centers are clear…the pineal gland in the center of our brain is activated, and we are able to experience the higher abilities of healing and information gathering….Our minds become holographically attuned.”  And it states, “If you imagine the Tree of Life, its shape that of a doubly terminated crystal, it is not hard to see its similarity to the twist of a strand of DNA.  As you focus your attention in meditation, it is possible to achieve a stronger relationship to this energy.”
(c) Brian Heckman
As guidance for how to use this image, the chapter says, “Through meditative visualization of the pattern of the Tree, more energy can be activated to gather at the base of your spine and flow to the crown chakra.  As this process continuously occurs, the upward and downward flow energizes your cells and dissolves blockages in your chakras.  It is consciously balancing, integrating, and synthesizing your sefirot (vortexes of the Tree) and your chakras, allowing for a stronger gathering of energy at the base of your spine.”

So the Tree of Life is symbolic of us and of the free flow of Divine Energy throughout our system.  As the chapter states, meditating on the pattern of the Tree can activate more of this Energy.

Jim Goure had ideas for how to climb the Tree of Life–or increase the Divine Energy within: he said the keys were to follow the commandments to love yourself, to love your neighbor, to love the Divine, and to not judge.  He frequently quoted the Book of Revelation, “Let the unjust be unjust.  Let the filthy be filthy.  Let the righteous be righteous.  Let the holy be holy.”  In short, don’t judge: just let people be.
In climbing the Tree of Life, we become aware of a different vista, a different view of the world and what it is all about.  In the twenty-second chapter of the Book of Revelation, it says that “the leaves of the Tree of Life are for the healing of the nations.”  This means we are no longer caught up with our ego and our personal problems.  We have broken free of personality.  We have a different mission than that of self.  We have a Divine Mission.  Part of this Divine Mission is to pray for all nations, so that the government of these nations will rest upon the shoulders of the Christ.  
We know the power of Love and Light to cause change.  We have seen it heal individuals.  What works for individuals can work for nations, and nations, as well as individuals, need healing.  Now is the time for each nation to be healed so that all countries can do their part for the good of the planet, for the good of everyone.  Look at a map of the world.  Look at each country.  Get into its consciousness, and let it be revealed to you which nations need prayers, which are the nations you can touch.  
Every cell in your body is holy.  You are the holy temple of the Living God, and that Living God is not satisfied with just working for you.  It is time now for the healing of the nations.
So there are several techniques for experiencing the Tree of Life, whether it is meditating on the Tree, through letting go of judgments, or through praying for the nations of Earth.  All of these techniques work, and all lead to a deeper experience of the beauty of the Tree of Life.
Love and Light,