Dear Light Group,

During the last year of his life, Jim Goure created the Intensive, a powerful event designed to get people to break through and stay centered in the Divine.  About two-thirds of the way through the first Intensive, Jim expressed his frustration with the participants: “All of you said to me when we started…that you wanted to be One, knowingly so.  Tonight you are beginning to experience that.  This [material that I am using for this Intensive] is exactly what I [have been teaching for the past sixteen years].  It has not changed!  Why the hell haven’t you done it?!  You all have been hearing this since you came here.  Why did you wait?….If you wanted this, why haven’t you always wanted it?  I don’t understand why you guys don’t desire with your whole being.”

In a lecture many years earlier, Jim already had zeroed in on the core issue: “The tremendous problem that each of us has…is the ego – the desire to be recognized; the desire for this ego to exist; the desire for this ego to receive praise from someone; the desire for this ego to receive love from someone.”

In Oneness with the Divine, said Jim, there was a very different desire: “When you get to the Divinity within, there are no desires for anything or anyone.  It’s an entirely different way of existing.  When you get to the consciousness of the Divinity within, there is only one desire (if you have any desire at all) and that is to give Love, to give Divine Love, not human love, to give Divine Love one hundred percent of the time to everyone.”

With Jim’s questions and perspectives in mind, we might benefit this Saturday from asking ourselves what we desire.  Everyone who is a member of this prayer group has a desire for Oneness with the Divine, but what other desires are we feeding?  

You might want to try a prayer such as, “The Light within reveals all of my desires.  [Keep repeating this until you feel all of your desires have been exposed.]  I release all of my desires to the Light.  [Keep repeating this until you feel you cleansed yourself of ego-related desires.]  I am Light.  [Keep repeating this until you feel strongly anchored in your nature as a Divine Light being.]  Divine Love radiates from my being to everyone and everything.  [Keep repeating this until you feel you have touched everyone and everything in your life with Divine Love or, alternatively, until you feel you have merged fully with Divine Love.]”

Love and Light,