Dear Light Group,

Jim Goure zeroed in on what we need to do to be anchored in Divine Consciousness. He told us: “Break out of ego.”  “Break free of ego desires.” “‘Thou shalt not judge.’” “Form new habit patterns.”
He had an infectious optimism about our ability to Be Divine, but at times was impatient with our lack of progress.  “It’s very simple” was Jim’s belief.
The techniques he gave most definitely were simple.  That was the beauty of Jim’s approach. No ritual. No rules. No requirements. No burdensome complexity. Just do it.  
The doing, though, could be a challenge, particularly if it required breaking old habits of thinking and feeling.  Take the admonition not to judge. If Americans were not allowed to judge their politicians, there would be a deafening silence. Several TV channels and Internet blogs would fail. Many people would feel deprived of their favorite sport. To not judge politicians would beyond what most Americans would be willing to do.
So, if we’ve been given beautifully simple techniques but our thoughts and emotions get in the way, what to do?  One key comes from a holy man of India: “It is of vital importance,” said Swami Brahmananda, “that a man begin his spiritual journey from where he is.” With this perspective, we simply recognize where we are and adopt techniques appropriate for that place.  
With this in mind, if stopping all judging is proving difficult, then we might try a positive judgement: “I see the Divine in the person I’m judging. I see the Divine Love in the person I am judging. I see the Christ in the person I am judging.” We might grit our teeth the first few times we say this about someone we’ve been judging, but if we practice this enough, we will let go of the judging and make room for the Light.  
Let us this Saturday dedicate ourselves to positive judgments, to seeing, thinking, and feeling the Divine in everyone and everything.
Love and Light,