Dear Light Group,

There can be times when we feel as though we’ve got it made, spiritually. We have a mystical experience. We develop psychic capabilities. We reach a space of deep inner peace.

And then…ooops! Something happens that disturbs our tranquility, that we view as a bad experience that shouldn’t have happened to a spiritual person, that exposes a shadow side of ourselves that we don’t consider to be a part of who we really are. It can feel as though we’re running into stumbling blocks everywhere we go. We might feel aggrieved: “I’m a good person.  I’m a spiritual person.  This shouldn’t be happening to me.”

But it has happened. So we have to deal with it.

How can we move ahead when we feel blocked or cheated of our what we view as rightfully ours or when we feel as though things have become stagnant or when life has reached a plateau or has become a desert?

One way to open things up again is to say, “Thank you, God.” Repeating this over and over, saying it a thousand times for everything going on in your life, will open new doors. They may not be the doors you expected or wanted, but open they will. And they will be illumined by a far greater Light than if you were to keep butting your head against the old door that is now closed.

At a certain point, after experiencing a number of closed doors, stagnant periods, desert-like situations, we realize there are no doors. There is no pathway.

We let go. We realize that there is nothing to achieve. Nowhere to go. There is only the Divine. And that Divine is present at all times and in all places. It’s here. It’s now.

It takes practice–lots of practice– to get anchored in this consciousness.

So, this Saturday, let us do just that: practice. You might want to try a prayer such as, “There is only That. There is only that Peace. There is only that Love. There is only that Light. That Peace, Love, and Light is with me at all times and in all places. That Peace, Love, and Light is Me. I am not my circumstances. I am that Peace, Love, and Light. There is only That.”

Love and Light,