Dear Light Group,

A Tibetan Buddhist who taught in the United States, Chogyam Trungpa, would tell his disciples that all they had to do was switch their allegiance. All they had to do was switch their allegiance from feeding and protecting their egos to simply being present and seeing things as they are. Easier said than done, but an interesting way to think about shifting our consciousness.

Shifting the consciousness from being egocentric to being present in the here and now means letting go of our sense of the world as being comprised of “I” and “other.” We tend to think of things as being separate from ourselves: there is me and then there is everything else. Our attitude towards everything else is that we either want to attract it or protect ourselves against it, or we are simply indifferent towards it. These feelings of attraction, repulsion, or indifference can create much anxiety: Are we getting what we want in life (a mate, more money, a house, recognition)? Are we able to keep out of our lives the things we dislike (unpleasant people, poverty, disease)? If we don’t have our likes and dislikes under control, we tend to judge things in our lives as being “wrong.”

If we switch our allegiance from “I” and “other,” from “good” and “bad,” from “right” and “wrong,” then we free ourselves of our anxieties. We free ourselves of the burden of maintaining and protecting and enhancing our egos. We free ourselves to simply be.

Then there is no separation. There is only oneness with all that is. In this oneness, we merge with the Creator.

You can begin this process with a prayer such as, “The Creator and I merge as One.” The more you get into this prayer, the more you will find the Creator expanding in your heart, expanding in your mind, expanding throughout your being.

From there, you can merge with others. A prayer to accelerate this merging would be, “The Creator in me merges with the Creator in you.” In merging with others, you automatically give them what they are most wanting, Divine Love. This unconditional Love is what the whole planet craves. By merging with all that is, you give them this Love, abundantly.

Another prayer for merging that you might want to consider would be this: “The Creator in me merges with the Creator in my home. My home is total Light. My home is total Love. Everyone who enters this home is filled with Light and Love. I am inseparable from everything in my home.”

And to keep expanding the Light, you might try this prayer: “The Creator in me merges with everyone and everything. All that is is total Love. All that is is total Light. I am that Light. I am that Love”

Love and Light,