Dear Light Group,

The essence of what United Research and the Light Center are about is being the Light of the world.  
This can seem like it’s a burden, as if we are Atlas, holding the planet on our shoulders. But one of the beauties of being the Light of the world is that it can pull us out of a rut, the rut of being caught up with our own problems and worries.  
In becoming the Light of the world, our bodies respond. We change into a new body, a body of Light. The demands of the physical body become less and less. We are less and less a slave to our senses and our appetites and our desires.  
In being the Light of the world, our consciousness is that of infinite Energy, unlimited Life, universal Love. In that consciousness, all our needs are fulfilled.  
Being the Light of the world is simplicity itself. We simply speak from the Creator within…
  • The Creator in me fills my being with Light and Love.  
  • The Creator in everyone on planet Earth fills them with Light and Love.
  • Planet Earth is filled with Light and Love.
  • Earth is in a bubble of Light.  From the center of that bubble, Light radiates to everyone and everything.
  • Let there be Light throughout planet Earth.  Let there be a radiance of Light through every individual, through everything within planet Earth, so that all will find that Light within themselves
There is a great need for our concerted efforts to be the Light of the world. Let us do just that this Saturday…and beyond.
Love and Light,