Dear Light Group,

One of the things that impressed me about Jim Goure was his ability to distill the essence of spirituality. He would, in fewer words and in clearer language, get to the heart of the matter. Here is what he had to say about loving God:

Living from the Christ consciousness means seeing the Christ in everyone and everything. The Bible tells us that the way to the Father is through the Son. In other worlds, the way to the Creator is through the Christ.

Jesus gave us three commandments: love God, love your neighbor, and love yourself. These commandments have yet to be followed. We need to understand them, and as a result of this understanding, we can begin the process of healing–not only of self but of all people.

There is actually only one commandment: love God. There is nothing else–there is only God.

Love God. Love God in self. Love God in others. Then, you’re just beginning to worship God. See the Creator in others. Don’t see others in terms of their personalities or even their names. Just see them as the Creator: “The Creator in you creates Light and Love.”

Let us pick up on what Jim advocated. This Saturday, visualize each person you know and silently say, “The Christ is in you.” Keep repeating this until you have a knowing that this is the case. It may take awhile with certain individuals, but keep at it.

After you’ve gone through the people you know, start to visualize public figures–religious leaders, political leaders, business leaders, movie stars–anyone who comes to mind: “The Christ is in you.”

Then you might say, “The Christ is in you,” for everyone on the planet. You could say it for the nature kingdoms. You could say it for spiritual masters. You could say it for the planet as a whole. You could say it for all planets, for this galaxy, for the universe, for all of creation.

And then bring it back to you: “The Christ is in me.” At that point, you are all that is. And the Christ and you are one and the same.

Love and Light,