Dear Light Group,

Jim Goure had this to say about men and women: “For a billion years, we have been caught at the level of believing that we are either male or female. This male-female world that we live in is unbalanced.  It is a world that is into separation, into judging, into seeing things as plus-minus. It is a world in which our animal nature and our desire to control others have the upper hand. It is a world that has not brought great happiness, much less joy.”
Why doesn’t this male-female world bring happiness? Jim: “Our search for happiness includes seeking a mate or seeking someone to love us. That is where most of the hurts take place.”
What did Jim say was the answer? “When we let go of the need for love from a particular person and find Divine Love within ourselves, we have joy. We then are able to unconditionally love our mate – and every other person.”
One of the keys to finding finding that love within, Jim claimed, was to recognize that each one of us is a combination of male and female characteristics. Men tend to be over-weighted with male attributes, and women tend to be over-weighted with female attributes.  he search for a mate is an attempt to bring balance to our male-female nature.
So the true objective is for each one of us to be totally balanced, male and female, within ourselves. Jim maintained that this balancing of the male-female–within self and within the world–was the beginning of the salvation of the world.
Otherwise, if we don’t balance our male-female aspects, we limit ourselves. We limit ourselves by adopting traditionally male or female roles. To declare someone a male or a female limits them. It binds them. It holds them back. It hinders their ability to be Divine.  Instead of seeing someone as being male or female, we should see them as Light. That begins the balancing process.
You may want to further the balancing process with prayers such as these:
  • The energies flowing through my body are balancing the male-female in me.  I am whole and complete, male and female.  
  • I seek only the oneness of the male-female within myself.  
  • I live a balanced male-female relationship within myself.
  • The Creator changes the male world to Light.  The Creator changes the female world to Light.  The Creator merges the male world and the female world into the Christ.  The world is Christ.
  • The energies flowing throughout everyone and everything are balancing the male-female in them.  Everyone and everything is whole and complete.
Love and Light,