Dear Light Group,

Worldly things such as work can seem to be distractions. We can have a feeling of, “Hey, I’m a spiritual person. I should be given special privileges. I shouldn’t have to work. I shouldn’t have to bother with worldly things. These things should be taken care of for me so I can focus on prayer and on being spiritual.”

These kinds of thoughts are more about ego than they are about spirituality. They are about protecting oneself. When we have these thoughts, we have spun a protective cocoon around ourselves about “me” and “my world” and about what it means to be spiritual. We want to live inside of that cocoon. We don’t want that world “out there” to get us or to distract us. We want to exclude that outer world and live in our inner world. We want to live inside the world of our cocoon. We only want things we like to be inside of that cocoon. Everything else has to be on the outside.

But that cocoon is a trap. It traps us inside the world of our thoughts, the world of our personality, the world of our ego.

If we have an awakened heart and mind, there is no world “out there.” There is only the world as it is. And that is a world worthy of our love.

In that consciousness, work is no longer a distraction. We are no longer controlled by the need to work for money. We no longer work for a boss. We see that we are the Creator, and the boss is the Creator. Both of us are working for the Creator in our own ways. Therefore, there is no control. There is only love.

Let us be open to the world as it is. It is a world of vibrant color, sounds, tastes. It is a world of people, each of whom is moving towards the Light in his or her own way.

Let us merge with the Love that resonates throughout this world: “I am that Love. I am that Love that is the essence of everything that is. I expand that Love in everyone I live with. I expand that Love in everyone with whom I work. I expand that Love in everyone and everything. I am That. I am that Love.”

Love and Light,