Dear Light Group,

Jim Goure had a unique perspective on truth.  For many people, a truthful person is one who does not lie.  But Jim took the definition way beyond that.  He said, “The Truth is you, manifesting the Creator.”  
Some people see only the first half of that sentence, “The Truth is you,” and either ignore or assume they know what the latter half, “manifesting the Creator,” means.  
In one of his deep insights about a passage from the Bible, Jim gives us a dramatic example of what “manifesting the Creator” means: “When Jesus was before the Romans and Pilate asked, ‘What is truth?’ Jesus did not answer.  He did not answer because he was standing there, and he was Truth.”
Jim continued, “And so it is with you.  You are Truth when you say, ‘I and the Creator are One, yet the Creator doeth the works.’”  Again, some people focus on the first half, “I and the Creator are One,” without fully realizing what is meant by “yet the Creator doeth the works.”  Jim tells us what it means: “When you cannot say, ‘I did it!’ for one single thing you have done, when only the Creator within you does everything, then you are Truth.”
Jim says something else the significance of which may be not be fully appreciated: “And honesty is a way of life leading up to Truth….”  Some people feel that white lies are acceptable if they are not that frequent, and others believe that it’s all right to lie as long as you don’t hurt anyone and as long as you can keep track of when you’re lying and when you’re not.  Forget it.  If you lie to others, you will lie to yourself.  And if you lie to yourself, how can you know if you are “manifesting the Creator”?  If you’re lying to others and therefore also lying to yourself, how can you know if “I and the Creator are One”?  How can you be in a state where knowingly it is the Creator and only the Creator doing the works?  
If we are able to lead a life of honesty and if that life of honesty leads up to Truth, then “every word that comes out of you is Truth, and you speak from the Creative Source within you.”  To get to that state, “…you must stay in contact with the Divine all the time, so that the word coming forth, even from your conversations on the phone, even in the mundane world of existence, has to be the word coming from the Creator.”
To get us into this spirit of Truth, you might want to try a prayer such as, “Thank you, God, for Thy Truth living within me.  Thank you, God, for Thy Truth in every thought I have.  Thank you, God, for Thy Truth in every feeling within me.  Thank you, God, for Thy Truth in every word I speak.  Thank you, God, for Thy Truth in everything I see.  Thank you, God, for Thy Truth in everything I touch.  Thank you, God, for Thy Truth in everything I hear.  Thank you, God, for Thy Truth in everything I smell and taste.  Thank you, God, for Thy Truth in everyone and everything.  Thank you, God, for opening our hearts and minds to Thee and Thy Truth.  Amen.”
Love and Light,