Dear Light Group,

Jim Goure identified one of the hardest things for us to let go of: mine. Here is what he had to say: “So many of us get caught up in the consciousness of saying, ‘This is mine’: ‘This is my wife…my daughter…my home…my car.’ But there is nothing you can say is ‘mine.’ You cannot say, ‘This is my home’ because it is the Divine’s home. Every aspect of it belongs to the Divine, just as every aspect of your physical body belongs to the Divine. You may think of it as yours, but it is not. It is Divine. Every cell is Divine, is Divinity in operation.”
This is a tough shift in consciousness to make.  Easy to say.  Maybe easy to embrace as being true.  But hard to live.
But Jim won’t let us off the hook.  He went on to say, “If you find that you are saying, ‘my car, my child, my husband,’ you are limiting each of these.  You are limiting the car from functioning divinely because you are putting humanness into it.  You are limiting your home and your mate because humanness is a limitation.  Everything that is, is of the Divine, from the Divine, and for the Divine.  So, it’s a matter of changing your consciousness from thinking in terms of ‘mine’ to Mine: ’The cattle on a thousand hills are all Mine.’ [from Psalms]  The homes on this planet are all Mine.  The planets that are and ever have been are all Mine.  Everything that is, every molecule of air, every atom that ever existed is Mine.”  
Then Jim swung things around completely: “Because you are Divine, everything is yours.  You created it, and it is GOOD.  And you hold to the GOOD in all your creation.  You are creating GOOD, a new type of GOOD, a higher type of GOOD than was in the beginning, because you are awakened to the fact that you are a Creator.”
If the creation is ours, then we want nothing but GOOD to come to it.  So let us this Saturday get into creating GOOD in the creation.  To do so, you might want to try prayers such as these:
  • I release all concepts of “my” and “mine” to the Light.  
  • The only true consciousness is that of the Divine.  
  • I create GOOD.
  • I create GOOD in all that is.
  • I create GOOD in the plant, animal, mineral, angelic, and human kingdoms.
  • I create GOOD in all people.
  • I create GOOD in all nations.
  • I create GOOD in all religions.  
  • I create GOOD in Earth.
  • I create GOOD in all planets.
  • I create GOOD in all of creation.
  • Love, Light, Truth, and Spirit fill all people.  Love, Light, Truth, and Spirit fill the plant, animal, mineral, angelic, and human kingdoms.
  • Love, Light, Truth, and Spirit fill Earth.
  • Earth and all of its people are complete, whole, Divine.
Love and Light,