Dear Light Group,

Space has had an enduring fascination for us.  We can look into the sky and be awestruck at the vastness of the heavens.  Landing a man on the moon was an inspiration for all of humanity.  Entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson and Elon Musk are developing rockets that could one day make space travel accessible for many people.  A recent Netflix movie, Lost in Space, chronicles the experiences of a family engaging in interstellar travel.
While space travel would be a thrill, the ultimate heavens to explore are those within, or, as Jim Goure put it, “…the great, fantastic exploration of the deep space within…where the Kingdom of Heaven is.”
When we reach the Kingdom of Heaven within, we no longer seek outside ourselves for love or excitement.  We no longer seek answers outside of ourselves.  
One of Jim Goure’s endearing qualities was his optimism.  He said, “We are at that development stage as each person begins not only to bring out the Waters of Life in each individual but to bring out the Waters of Life from the Center of Earth and throughout the whole Earth structure, so that everyone and everything responds instantly to this.”  No need for answers outside of self.  No need to seek love and excitement outside of self.  Everything we need is within.
This Saturday, let us be about creating the new Earth that Jim spoke of.  Let us be about bringing the Waters of Life to Earth and to each individual.  In doing so, you might want to try prayers such as:
  • Thank you, God, for Thy glorious, wonderful Kingdom of Heaven, that is within me and within everyone.
  • Thank you, God, for the Waters of Life, flowing forth from me to everyone and everything.  Thank you, God, for the Waters of Life, flowing from the center of Earth to all of Earth, so that everyone and everything is filled with the Waters of Life.  
  • Thank you, God, for Thy glorious creation, for the beauties of this creation, and for Thy Light and Love, flowing through everyone and everything.  
Love and Light,