Dear Light Group,

In our highly materialistic world, we tend to forget about angels.  But angels played prominent roles in the Bible and, according to those who see them, continue to play a prominent role today.

In Luke, it is Archangel Gabriel who appears before Zechariah and Mary, foretelling the births of John the Baptist and Jesus, respectively.  In the Book of Revelation, it is Archangel Michael who leads the legions of Light in defeating Satan.  

So, angels have been messengers of God, and they have guided and protected us.  

Let us this Saturday give thanks for these unseen (to most people) guides and protectors.  Here is a prayer you might consider: “Thank you, God, for angels.  Thank you, God, for these friends of Light.  Thank you, God, for their delight in Thee.  Thank you, angelic friends for your Light.  Thank you, angelic friends, for your Love.  Thank you, angelic friends, for your guidance.  Thank you, angelic friends, for your protection.  Thank you, God, for the angelic kingdom.  God, bless these Thy beings of Light.  God, bless and protect them and hold them in Thy Light and Love, now and forever.  Amen.”

Love and Light,