Dear Light Group,

There are energies of the spirit that cannot be known by the rational mind, cannot be experienced through the five senses. These energies permeate the air we breath, permeate everything on Earth, fill all of creation.

If you’re feeling a bit frayed from happenings in your own life or from the news or from any number of concerns, then tuning into these spirit energies can soothe, can bring us back to reality, can remind us of what is true.

One of these energies of the spirit–an energy that calms, that harmonizes, that expands our sense of self – is Compassion. Universal Compassion is far more than human sympathy, far more than human empathy, far more than feeling another’s hurt. Universal Compassion is Universal Understanding, a non-judgmental knowing of what we are experiencing as humans–and at the same time a powerful energy that seeks to lift us to a higher knowing. It is gentle, it is peaceful, but it is also powerful.

If you want to tune in to this Universal Compassion, the first step is to let go. Just let go and let the Compassion do its thing. To get started, you might want to try a prayer such as, “Universal Compassion, enter my being. Show me your Peace, your Love, your Gentleness, your heartfelt desire for all to advance. Universal Compassion, fill me full of your grace.”

Once you feel you’ve tuned in to Universal Compassion, you might want to simply rest in that energy for a while.

After you feel centered in Compassion, then try a prayer such as, “Universal Compassion, show me what I need to know.” Just keep repeating that prayer. Don’t worry if nothing comes to you. If your prayer is heartfelt, you will be shown something, if not in your prayer then in a dream or in something you experience in your daily life.

You might want to end your session with a prayer such as, “Thank you, Universal Compassion, for entering my heart. Thank you, Unviersal Compassion, for showing me the Compassion that resides in us all, for showing me the beauties of your energy, for letting me know that this energy of Universal Compassion is with me at all times and in all places. I never walk alone.”

Love and Light,