Dear Light Group,

During his first encounter with Jim Goure, a friend of mine asked Jim, “Why do we exist?”  Jim began to explain that we are on Earth to do our mission.

Then this friend interrupted Jim and said, “No, that’s not it; I got that part.  What I want to know is why there is any existence at all.  If God is so great, and God is everything, why is there a Creation?  If all of Creation was collapsed into a single grain of sand, why would that grain exist?”  At that point, Jim lit up and exclaimed, “Oh, that’s simple!  It’s all just for the hell of it!”

This friend’s reaction was, “Somehow, he [Jim] transmitted the beatitude that he was experiencing…and I truly understood that all was for the glory of God.  I went flying out into the Cosmos and wasn’t too present for the rest of the interview, which ended shortly thereafter.  But I left knowing that Creation exists for the Joy of the Creator and that the purpose of each individual existence is for Joy.”

If this is true – that Creation is “for the hell of it” and “the purpose of each individual existence is for Joy” – then how do we experience that?  How do we get into the knowing that the universe is full of Beauty, full of Joy? That it is full of messages of Love?  That it is luminous, full of Light?

We get so wrapped up in our individual lives and in fretting about the state of the world that experiencing Joy and Beauty and Love and Light can feel about as easy as walking through a brick wall.

Much of the answer can be found in letting go.  Letting go of our own little world.  Letting go of our desires.  Letting go of avoiding that which we do not like.  It’s all impermanent anyway.  Why not let go?

If we can let go of feeling that we must accomplish anything– including spirituality – and if we can accept everything as being enlightened, just as it is, then we’ll be much closer to a full experience of Beauty and Joy and Love and Light.

To get into that consciousness, you might start by visualizing yourself as being empty.  Empty of desires.  Empty of fears.  Empty of any physical existence.

Just feel that all that is is just energy.

Then see that energy as being universal.  That universal energy is all that exists.  Know that that universal energy is you.

Visualize yourself as the creator of all that exists.  Feel the Joy of having created all of it.

Then return to your home, to your body, and know that you are surrounded by that Joy.

Love and Light,