Dear Light Group,

Having purpose and vision, having a sense of mission, can be one of the keys to living a fulfilling life. People who do so are filled with vigor and confidence. Particularly if they have a mission that is oriented around helping others, it can be energizing being around these people.

There a couple of keys to having a mission that works. You cannot be attached to the results. So many people get stuck on having only one outcome for their mission. This can lead to disappointment and frustration if that outcome does not come to fruition.

A related idea is that you cannot allow your ego to become attached to the mission. This is hard to do. The ego wants to manipulate everything to its cause, and it has all kinds of devious methods that it uses to trick us into thinking that we’re doing God’s work when in fact we’re doing the ego’s work.

Jim Goure encouraged people to pray to get their Divine missions. This worked for many people but not all. Not everyone felt they had received a vision or guidance as to what their mission was.

But Jim had useful advice for these people, “Whether you consciously know what your Divine mission is or not, recognize that the Creator is within you, and in having that Creator within you, are affecting everything.” He also suggested this prayer: “I am accomplishing my Divine mission throughout this day and every day.”

Let us reaffirm this Saturday that life is more than the sum of the mundane things we do each day, that it is about doing something to uplift others, and that, recognizing the Creator within us, we can proceed with an inner peace and confidence, knowing that we are in the right place at the right time, doing and saying the right thing for the good of all.

Love and Light,