Dear Light Group,

In our current era, we like snappy ways of summarizing what it is that people do. I got to thinking, what kind of snappy summary might we have for what Jesus did? You may have a better idea, but here is what I came up with: Teach, Heal, Love. So much of the New Testament is about what Jesus taught us. As we read the Gospels, we are left with the impression that Jesus spent a great deal of his time in the physical world communicating a new way of seeing things and new ways of thinking and behaving. The New Testament is also packed with stories of how Jesus healed people: He healed the blind, the sick, and the possessed. And then there was His love of all mankind, which he expressed through his words and deeds.

Jim Goure used to say that it was a crime that we still needed to heal, two thousand years after Jesus had passed from the scene. But maybe healing is needed more than ever, not just of physical ailments but also of mental and emotional ones.

One technique for doing so is to see the Christ in everyone, particularly those needing healing, and to call forth the healing nature of that Christ. In doing so, there is an opening for a flow of universal Christ Love and Light. We can do this silently by declaring, “The Christ Light is in you.” This awakens the healing vibration of the Universal Christ that resides in the other person and in you.

Since there is no separation between us and other, there is no difference between healing self and healing someone else. The energy flowing from one person awakens the energy in another, and healing takes place.

Jim Goure told the story of a woman who was sick and who had worked on herself for years. When she began to work on planet Earth instead of herself, dramatic changes started to happen in her life. As soon as we get out of our own problems, things begin to happen for the greater good.

Some healing prayers you might want to experiment with this Saturday include:

The Christ Light is in ________ [name the individual you are praying for].
The Creator in _________ fills her / him with Love. The Creator in _________ fills her / him with Light.
The Divine in ________ heals him / her and directs him / her life to Light.

The Universal Christ is a healing Christ, and by offering these prayers for the wellbeing of another, we awaken that Universal Christ in the other individual as well as in ourselves. In doing so, all of us are drawn closer to the Joy and the Love and the Light that is this Universal Christ.

Love and Light,