Dear Light Group,

I received an interesting email from one of our Light Group members, Jacquelyn, about forest bathing, a practice that many Japanese follow.  Forest bathing, or, as the Japanese call it, shinrin-yoku, is based on the notion that nature contains a rich medicine chest from which we can benefit.  A Japanese scientist tested businessmen who went on a three-day hiking trip in a forest.  In all 12 men who went on the hike, blood pressure levels decreased, cortisol levels dropped, and natural killer cells increased substantially.  A month after the hike, the natural killer cells were still elevated.  The Japanese government is so convinced of the benefits of forest bathing that it has designated 48 official Forest Therapy trails, and it encourages citizens to spend time in the woods to bolster their health.
In addition to the restorative effects of simply hiking in the woods, there are many other benefits that humans receive from plants: oxygen, food, and medicinals.  We tend to take these for granted.
Jacquelyn has written that the plant kingdom is the heart center of the planet.  She would include in that realm devas, elves, and landscape angels who assist in radiating life force energy to the plant kingdom.  
Let us give thanks this Saturday for the plant kingdom.  You might want to try prayers such as these:
  • Thank you, God, for the plant kingdom.  Thank you, God, for this kingdom of Light and Beauty.  
  • Thank you, God, for the devas, angels, and other entities that protect and enhance the plant kingdom.  Fill them and protect them with Light, that they may be able to fulfill their Divine missions.
  • Thank you, God, for filling humans with Light, Love, and Truth, that we may have the wisdom to appreciate the plant kingdom and to treat it with appropriate respect.  Let there be a flow of Love and Light between humans and plants, that Earth may become a planet of Light.
Love and Light,