Dear Light Group,

This morning I listened to a recording of one of Jim Goure’s lectures, entitled “One World, One God.”  In that lecture, Jim gave us his view of the history of mankind, starting with Lemuria, followed by Atlantis, the ancient Egyptians, the Mayans, the Incas, and other civilizations.

In the course of this talk, Jim mentioned, briefly, that he thought many American Indians, and especially the medicine men, were highly advanced.

The mission of American Indians has been Mother Earth. They have a love of the nature kingdoms that far exceeds that of any other group of people. Their mission is to love and protect and preserve Mother Earth. Every action they take is intended as a blessing for Earth. Their view can be summarized as:

  • All life is sacred
  • All things are alive–the rocks, the trees, etc. are alive
  • We are related to all life
  • Pray before taking anything from nature
  • All of our actions–every step we take, every breath we breathe – should be to enhance Earth and everything on it

I was reminded of this when, as I meditated this evening, there was thunder and rain.  Spring is a time of rejuvenation, and rain is essential to this rejuvenation.

We have just observed Easter, a time when we celebrate the resurrected Christ. We celebrate Easter at a time of year, spring, when it feels as though the earth itself is being resurrected. It is a time of year when we feel energized and rejuvenated.

As we enjoy this sense of resurrected life within the nature kingdoms and with ourselves, let us give thanks for those who have made it their mission to love this planet and to love the nature kingdoms:

  • Thank you, Great Spirit, for your people, the Indians, who have lived to preserve and protect planet Earth.
  • Thank you, Great Spirit, for the energies of the Indians of the Americas, which help to preserve and protect planet Earth.
  • Thank you, Great Spirit, for this beautiful planet, Earth.  Thank you, Great Spirit, for the splendors of this planet.
  • May we walk in Your ways, Great Spirit, amplifying the love you continually radiate.
  • May we preserve this planet, Great Spirit, that future generations may know and appreciate its beauty and see You, Great Spirit, in all that is.

Love and Light,