Dear Light Group,

The heart of Jim Goure’s message was love: Love yourself, love others, love the planet, love all of creation. His diagnosis of the human condition was that, instead of giving love, we tend to seek love from others. He said that, in looking into the souls of thousands of people, what he saw was that all of the problems of these people narrowed down to wanting to be loved, wanting to love someone, and knowing there is a God–but not knowing how to love.
To rectify this, Jim made several suggestions for how to love. One was to recognize that, “You don’t need to look outside of self for a lover.You have the greatest lover within you: the Divine. The Divine within you gives one hundred percent–and never asks for love, just gives and gives and gives.”  Another suggestion was to say, as we go about our daily activities, “I see Divine Love in you, and I am full of Divine Love.” This would ensure that we love ourselves as well as loving others. And, Jim said, “Once we begin to love ourselves, the frequencies, the vibrations coming from us, change in a fantastic way. Our physical body responds instantly to these new vibrations. Our mental body instantly responds. Our energy body instantly responds.”
Not only do our bodies, minds, and energies respond when we love, the bodies, minds, and energies of other people also respond: “It is super-fantastic what happens to everyone who gets in touch with this consciousness, with this Love….They instantly begin to love. They instantly begin to help fulfill their fellow man’s need.  And the greatest need in everyone is this feeling, ‘You are loved, truly loved.’ Once you know you are truly loved, then you are free. Totally free.”
The benefits of this loving are endless: “Altering our concepts of self and starting to give of this Love will alter man, the planet, and the universe. The ability to change anyone and everything without having to speak is within you. You have enough Love to fill everything on planet Earth.”
Jim gave us several prayer techniques for accessing and giving this Love: “Thank you, God, for me.”  “I see Divine Love in you. I know Divine Love is in you.” Silently saying to another, “I love you.”  “Divine Love flows from me to everyone and everything.”
You might want to use one or more of these techniques during your prayers this Saturday. And then you might want to conclude with a prayer such as, “Thank you, God, for Thy Love, for Thy Divine Love flowing forth from Thy center in me to everyone and everything. Thank you, God, for Thy Divine Love being present in everyone and everything. Thank you, God, for the flow of Thy Divine Love from everyone and everything to everyone and everything. Thank you, God, for making it so.  Amen.”
Love and Light,