Dear Light Group,

This being Easter weekend, let’s reflect on the meaning of Holy Week, the Crucifixion, and the Resurrection, using insights from Jim Goure:

Starting a month or more before the Crucifixion, Jesus saw what was coming. This power of clairvoyance is something all of us have. Any one of us has the ability to foretell the timing and nature of our passing from this physical body. And like Jesus, we have the ability to alter the future.

But Jesus did not change things. When the Gentiles came to hear him, he knew this would trigger the drama that ended his incarnation. When it happened, he said, in effect, “OK, I’m ready. Let’s get on with the show.”

To make sure he was ready, he allowed his feet to be washed with oil by Mary. This was symbolic. Putting oil on his feet was symbolic of removing all of the past and all negatives, that his understanding would be so pure and so clear that he could carry out the drama that was about to happen–the drama of the Last Supper, of being crucified, of being resurrected. Through it all, his understanding of the Divine, of his mission, of the meaning of it all, did not falter.

The key to the meaning of the Last Supper is that when Jesus said, “Take, eat, this is my body” and “Drink ye all of it, for this is the blood of the new testament…,” what he meant was that anytime you eat or drink something, it is a reminder that you have the Christ within.

Judas’ betrayal of Jesus for money indicates that when we make money a God, we betray the Christ within us.

On the cross, Jesus sang the 22nd psalm. By doing so, he was trying to say, “Do not weep at this seeming tragedy. I’m carrying out my mission. It was prophesied long ago in the 22nd psalm. It’s a great joy for me to fulfill my mission.”

When Jesus came out of the tomb, at first none of his disciples recognized him. Their minds were stuck, thinking that he had died. Similarly, our own minds can be stuck with the concept that, once death occurs, that’s it, that’s the end of the program. The disciples unconsciously closed off their ability to see the Christ. And so it is with each one of us if we think the Christ is dead: that consciousness closes off our ability to see the Christ in each person.

After the disciples recognized the risen Christ, Jesus brought them the idea of loving the Christ universally – not just one individual representing the Christ.

The Second Coming is you. There is no longer a need to look outside of self for a guru or a savior. Jesus said, “Ye are gods.” “The kingdom of heaven is within.” “The things I do you can do and greater.” You are the Christ in operation.

As we give thanks for Jesus and for the magnificent job he did of representing the Christ, let us also give thanks for the Christ in everyone–whether we like them or not, whether their behavior is remotely Christ-like or not:

Thank you, God, for Jesus. Thank you, God, for such a magnificent representation of the Christ. Thank you, God, for the love that Jesus embodied. Thank you, God, for the Christ in everyone. Thank you, God, for this Christ blossoming in every person. Thank you, God, for everyone finding liberation in the Christ within. Thank you, God, for everyone finding joy in knowing and fulfilling their individual Divine missions. Thank you, God, for making it so. Amen.

Love and Light,